Day: November 19, 2018

California Wildfire Escape

As wildfires continue to scorch California, the death toll has risen to 31, with 200 still missing. Footage shows residents driving through the flames, as an estimated 250,000 people were forced to flee their homes to avoid three major infernos which swept across the state. The fires started on 8 November but the strengthening winds […]

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6-year-old boy has tear-jerking reunion with missing dog

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but in this case, it’s clear he’s a little boy’s best pal. Paula Williams from Lubbock, Texas, tugged at the heartstrings of millions when she posted a video of her son Kahne, 6, reuniting with his dog who was missing for a month. The happy mom […]

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Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe The Discovery

I went metal detecting underwater & you won’t believe what I found! I call this the scuba diving challenge and this consists of going scubadiving while under water on a treasure hunt and seeing what mystery box I found. Treasure hunting is so much fun, but what happens if you take a metal detector as […]

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